40k Modular Trenches

Spotted by @PVasiljevic on Twitter

Here’s a picture of the Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Defence Network, the modular trenches first seen in the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines. It’s rumoured to have a price tag of €140, or approximately £112. It’s a huge terrain piece, and looks a bit like the trenches in the video game Space Marine.



Forge World Angron

Aaaand the first of the Primarchs announced by Forgeworld for the upcoming Horus Heresy book is Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters Legion.









I personally love this miniature because it’s so dynamic, and displays the berserker nature of Angron, who is smashing his own men aside to get to his foes. Included is a scenic base with an indent in it, in which can be placed Angron on his 40mm base. Also, uncommon for a Forgeworld product, Angron has his own bawks.
This awesome miniature of the Primarch will be available to buy at Games Day UK this Sunday (September 23rd) for the unfortunately hefty price of £50.00.

40k 6th Edition Box Set Miniatures

A couple of images of the miniatures from the 40k 6th Edition box set have cropped up.

From Warseer







The dude with the Lightning Claws is one of the Chosen. The Dark Angels captain looks a little meh, but I like the Librarian. The Cultist looks pretty awesome too.

Looks like GW will announce the set on the 25th of August, if their crappy teaser trailer is anything to go by.

40k 6th Edition Boxset Contents


A piece of news has arisen concerning the contents of the Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Boxset. New info on the models has been uncovered, and it looks like the two armies will be Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines. From here on, I copy/paste, courtesy of BoLS.

First up, here is the current word on the minis included in the boxed sets. We are past what armies are in there (Chaos and Dark Angels), and are now delving into specific models and wargear. Here we go:

Dark Angels
Captain Balthasar(In Power Armor, not in Terminator Armour)
Librarian (In Power Armor)
Deathwing Squad (5 strong, with Storm Bolters, no Stormshields)
Tactical Sqaud (10 strong, with 1 Plasma Cannon and 1 Plasma Gun)
Ravenwing Squad (3 Bikes)

captain with power sword, combi-plasma, iron halo.
librarian with bolt pistol and force sword
combat squad sarge with plasma pistol and chainsword, 2 plasma gun, 7 bolter
death wing sarge with power sword and storm bolter, 1 assult cannon and 1 chain fist,others 3 power fist
raven wing sarge with chain sword, one bike with plasma, one with pisotl, all twin link bolter
they all have frag and krak grenades

Lord (In Power Armor)
Chaos Dreadnought (With Twin Linked Melta and DCCW)
Chosen (6 strong, with Power Maul, Power Fist and Lightning Claw)
Cultists (20 strong, half with close combat weapon and pistol, the other half with assault rifle)

Lord with power sword and plasma pistol
dreadnought ( the name in Chinese is something like hell beast, but I assume it’s dread from rumors) with multi-melta and power fist( dreadnought CCW?)

chosen champion with power maul , 1 lightning claw, 1 power fist, 1 power axe, 2 close combat weapon

cultist leader with 2 ccw, 1 flamer, 8 with ccw and auto pistol

cultist 2 leader with shotgun and ccw, 1 heavy stubber, 8 autogun

So, it looks like Cultists are in, and I have read that they have the stats of Imperial Guardsman, but with a 6+ Armour Save.

The Chaos army looks like it’ll have trouble dealing with the Deathwing Terminators, seeing as there are only 2 weapons with a high enough AP to ignore their armour save. Well, we’ll see how the two forces match up when the box is released, likely in September this year.

40k 6th Collectors Edition

My copy of the Warhammer 40,000 Collector’s Edition arrived this morning, and wow, is it a huge book. The tome weighs in at just under 3 kilograms, and measures 2.75 inches thick in it’s leather-effect display case.




My copy is number 696. I don’t know if that number has any significance.
The book is beautifully presented, and is in full colour. I’m still reading the rules, but they look good so far!

6th Edition is here!

The long-awaited 6th Edition of Warhammer 40,000 is available to advance order here -> http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/armySubUnitCats.jsp?catId=cat440160a&rootCatGameStyle=

Products available are the Collector’s Edition, limited to 4000 copies, the Gamer’s Edition, bundled with a nifty satchel and some dice (also limited), the Standard Rulebook, now £45 as many expected, the Psychic Power cards and the Munitorum templates. Strangely missing from the Advance Orders page are the Munitorum dice sets. If you want some though, you can order them from Aurora Gaming (http://www.auroragaming.co.uk/#/online-store/4557040002). 


I, being the idiot fanboy that I am, ordered the Collector’s Edition not 10 minutes ago at time of writing. My wallet is yet to forgive me.


Too awesome not to own, don’t you think?

What will you order?

Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Pictures

Someone got some pics of the 6th Edition feature in the next White Dwarf. Exciting stuff!





I hope I have enough money for the Gamer’s Edition.

And the Collector’s Edition.

And the rest of the cool stuff. Not the servo skull.

New 40k Flyers

Games Workshop have just announced the lovely new 40k flyers. Rumours and pictures have been floating around the Internet wargaming community for a couple of weeks now, and now the Space Marine Stormtalon Gunship, the Ork Bommer and the Necron Doom/Night Scythe are available for advance order, at the uncharacteristically reasonable price of £27.50.


The Stormtalon is nice, if a bit boxy, but hey, it’s the same with all Marine vehicles. The rules look sweet, with the Supersonic, Deep-Striking, Assault Cannon-armed skimmer coming in at 130 points, with a variety of weapon upgrade options.

The Bommer is spot-on Orky goodness. Ramshackle and clunky, but deadly nonetheless, with plenty of dakka! The plastic kit can be assembled as one of 3 different flyers, the Dakkajet, an anti-infantry fighter with 6 twin-linked S6 shots/turn. Second, the Burna-Bommer, a flyer armed with Burna-bombs, which we have already seen in the Apocalypse book. Lastly, the Blitza-Bommer, a bomber with a possibly suicidal bombing manuever.
The Necron flyer, I’m not so keen on. It can be built as a Doom Scythe or a Night Scythe, but the only difference is that one has a bigger cannon strapped to the bottom. The pilot looks out of place, just sitting on top of a supersonic fighter, without even a seatbelt! 😛

The rules for all 3 (or is that 6) flyers can be found in June’s White Dwarf, number 390, and they can be advance-ordered here for release on the 2nd of June.

Scratchbuilding a Titan

I have begun to build a Warhound Titan, using cereal box card, PVC pipe, various household items, 40k bitz, and the templates found on www.build-40k.com The Titan will be of the Legio Crucius, aptly named in Low Gothic “The Warmongers”.

Here’s a visual log of my progress.








Using bits of plastic coat-hanger and drinking straws for supports/pistons.

It was at this point I got a glue gun, which makes assembly a heck of a lot easier.




Chaos Marine appears frequently for size comparison purposes.

Lower hull section



And that’s everything as of now! The project is kind of being put on hold as I have exams coming up, and studying will be a more productive use of my time, no matter how much fun building a Titan is!

Le Winning

So, I just won a Japanese copy of Phoenix Wright 2 from the Official Nintendo Magazine on Twitter, and it’s safe to say that I don’t win stuff that often. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff? Here’s proof n stuff -> https://twitter.com/onm_uk/status/154327964920721409

So, this was the first material object I have won since I don’t know how long ago. It’s a video game, for those of you who don’t know, following the ordeals of a master defence attorney Phoenix Wright. The game is heavily text-based, and requires real thought and precise observation in some parts.


The only problem is, the game’s from Japan, and whilst an English-language version has been produced, the copy I won is in Japanese. I can’t read Japanese…

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