Kickstarter: Toys for your Toys- Science-Fiction Wargaming Accessories

Wow, it’s been a while. I’d just like to take a bit of time to talk about a Kickstarter called “Toys for your Toys” by PDC Gaming. They’re a small company of gamers based in Hampshire I believe, and they’re producing some rather fine looking sci-fi wargames bitz.

Highlights of the project include;


Combi-rifles (bolters, 3 varieties, flamer, melta, plasma)


Modular Heavy Weapons (8 varieties)


An utterly brilliant tracked gun carriage. Possibly an proxy for Imperial Guard heavy weapon teams. In any case LOOK AT IT 😛



Comes with a variety of alternative weapons, plus some industrial-type scenic bases.

You can pick up 5 (yes FIVE!) of these beauties for just £15, with free shipping in the UK. Or 5 sprues of 15 combi-bolters, or 25 heavy weapons, or any combination of these!

This excellent project only has 47 hours to go at time of writing, and somehow it’s not completely funded yet, so you should go and have a look!

Yorkwargamer out.

Toys for your Toys on Kickstarter


6th Edition is here!

The long-awaited 6th Edition of Warhammer 40,000 is available to advance order here ->

Products available are the Collector’s Edition, limited to 4000 copies, the Gamer’s Edition, bundled with a nifty satchel and some dice (also limited), the Standard Rulebook, now £45 as many expected, the Psychic Power cards and the Munitorum templates. Strangely missing from the Advance Orders page are the Munitorum dice sets. If you want some though, you can order them from Aurora Gaming ( 


I, being the idiot fanboy that I am, ordered the Collector’s Edition not 10 minutes ago at time of writing. My wallet is yet to forgive me.


Too awesome not to own, don’t you think?

What will you order?

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