Chaos Sorcerer Showcase

My Chaos Sorcerer. An older metal model I bought on eBay, converted with a pair of wings from the plastic Possessed box ‘cos his backpack was wrecked.



Dark Vengeance delayed


via Bell of Lost Souls

A number of retailers have issued word today that they have been informed by Games Workshop that the standard Dark Vengeance starter set is delayed until further notice.

Here’s the official message from GW ->

We’ve pushed the release for dark vengeance back. As soon as Dark Vengeance is available we will send them and notify you. You can begin shipping Dark Vengeance to your customers as soon as you receive them. They can begin to sell Dark Vengeance as soon as they receive it from you.

There has been no word as yet as to what has caused this delay, but some retailers have mentioned a desire by Games Workshop to sell every single Limited Edition before beginning to sell the standard box. Interesting sales decision, if a little pointless.

There is no word on when the standard edition will be released.

The Games Workshop website lists the Limited Edition as unavailable, and the Standard is available to preorder, but no release date is listed.

Khorne Berserkers

For this Miniature Monday, I finished my Khorne Berserker squad and their Rhino. 7 ‘Zerkers and a Skull Champion from the Chaos Marine battleforce, and the Rhino that I picked up at Vapnartak earlier this year. And the best part is, the whole squad only took me just over a week from start to finish! Okay, here are the pictures.






The Skull Champion has the severed head of an Imperial Fist on his base.

In other news, this is my 25th blog post!

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