Thousand Sons/ Noise Marines upgrades

Along with all the shiny new stuff, GW are releasing resin “Upgrade Packs” for Thousand Sons and Noise Marines. The idea is you get a box of plastic CSMs, then add in the new kits to upgrade them to the now-Elite slot specialist Marines.

First, the Thousand Sons upgrade pack.

It includes enough bitz to convert 8 “normal” Chaos Marines into Thousand Sons, but you could probably manage more with imaginative distribution of parts. The kit also includes a Finecast Aspiring Sorceror, and for £13 RRP, it’s not bad. You get a “hero” miniature plus a bunch of conversion parts.

Next up, Noise Marines. There are 2 kits for them, each costing £9.

The first includes a Sonic Blaster, a backpack (probably a Doom Siren as well), a couple of heads, a Champion’s power sword, a Blastmaster and a torso.

The second is a pack of 5 Sonic Blasters and a Blastmaster. This one might be worth picking up, because according to those who’ve seen the new Chaos Marine codex, the Blastmaster has become one of the best squad-based weapons in the game. I’ll probably be putting some Noise Marines in my new list, along with about 60 Cultists.

These kits are available for order/preorder here.

“Dark Vengeance” miniatures

Over on WarLlama 40k theres an image summary of all the miniatures contained in the Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition box “Dark Vengeance”. The post can be found here.

For now, here’s a taster. That Hellbrute looks amazing!


I can foresee my wallet being in a whole lot of pain though…

40k 6th Edition Box Set Miniatures

A couple of images of the miniatures from the 40k 6th Edition box set have cropped up.

From Warseer







The dude with the Lightning Claws is one of the Chosen. The Dark Angels captain looks a little meh, but I like the Librarian. The Cultist looks pretty awesome too.

Looks like GW will announce the set on the 25th of August, if their crappy teaser trailer is anything to go by.

40k 6th Edition Boxset Contents


A piece of news has arisen concerning the contents of the Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Boxset. New info on the models has been uncovered, and it looks like the two armies will be Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines. From here on, I copy/paste, courtesy of BoLS.

First up, here is the current word on the minis included in the boxed sets. We are past what armies are in there (Chaos and Dark Angels), and are now delving into specific models and wargear. Here we go:

Dark Angels
Captain Balthasar(In Power Armor, not in Terminator Armour)
Librarian (In Power Armor)
Deathwing Squad (5 strong, with Storm Bolters, no Stormshields)
Tactical Sqaud (10 strong, with 1 Plasma Cannon and 1 Plasma Gun)
Ravenwing Squad (3 Bikes)

captain with power sword, combi-plasma, iron halo.
librarian with bolt pistol and force sword
combat squad sarge with plasma pistol and chainsword, 2 plasma gun, 7 bolter
death wing sarge with power sword and storm bolter, 1 assult cannon and 1 chain fist,others 3 power fist
raven wing sarge with chain sword, one bike with plasma, one with pisotl, all twin link bolter
they all have frag and krak grenades

Lord (In Power Armor)
Chaos Dreadnought (With Twin Linked Melta and DCCW)
Chosen (6 strong, with Power Maul, Power Fist and Lightning Claw)
Cultists (20 strong, half with close combat weapon and pistol, the other half with assault rifle)

Lord with power sword and plasma pistol
dreadnought ( the name in Chinese is something like hell beast, but I assume it’s dread from rumors) with multi-melta and power fist( dreadnought CCW?)

chosen champion with power maul , 1 lightning claw, 1 power fist, 1 power axe, 2 close combat weapon

cultist leader with 2 ccw, 1 flamer, 8 with ccw and auto pistol

cultist 2 leader with shotgun and ccw, 1 heavy stubber, 8 autogun

So, it looks like Cultists are in, and I have read that they have the stats of Imperial Guardsman, but with a 6+ Armour Save.

The Chaos army looks like it’ll have trouble dealing with the Deathwing Terminators, seeing as there are only 2 weapons with a high enough AP to ignore their armour save. Well, we’ll see how the two forces match up when the box is released, likely in September this year.

“Impurity shall be our armour…”

“Impurity shall be our armour. Hate shall be our weapon. Immortality shall be our reward.” – Codex Chaos Space Marines (4th edition)

One of my New Years resolutions (found here -> and probably the one I’ll have the most fun doing is building a Chaos Marine army. My kind parents got me the Battleforce and Codex for Christmas. I opened it on the day, and while my family watched Downton Abbey or some such rubbish, I assembled and painted a Possessed Chaos Marine. I found that there were a lot of options on the sprue, and many interesting weapons/claws, but I had problems fitting the shoulderpads on some of the models (the ones with large horns, spikes etc.) Another thing I noticed was that some of the legs were vaguely sculpted and undefined in places, but that might just be to indicate the mutation and suchlike that the Marine’s body and armour has gone through.

Anyway, the battleforce, plus 3 bikers and 5 Terminators that I converted from loyalists (1 as a Chaos Lord), the full army as it stands is roughly 1400 points. Which truly isn’t bad for the price. Normally, the situation is;

Me: “Right, I’d like to start a new army to 1000 points.”

Games Workshop employee: “Ok, that’ll be £200.”

I know it’s not the store guy’s fault, but the Battleforces often don’t have that good points-to-money ratios. The Space Marine one for example is only roughly, depending on how you assemble the models, 500 points. I’ve somehow got 1000 points out of the CSM one, and I’m quite happy with that as a starting army.

The list goes something like this.


1 Chaos Lord- 90 points
Terminator armour -30 points
Mark of Slaanesh -5 points
Daemon weapon -25 points

150 points


5 Possessed -130 points
Possessed Champion -10
Icon of Slaanesh -20
160 points

5 Chosen -90 points
Icon of Slaanesh -20
Aspiring Champion with plasma pistol & power fist -15, 15, and 25 points
Flamer -5
Plasma gun -15
180 points

4 Terminators (heavily converted) 120 points
1 Champion -10
1 Lightning claw -10
1 Power fist -10
1 Chainfist -15
Icon of Chaos Glory -10
1 Combi-Flamer -5
1 Reaper Autocannon -25
205 points


10 Chaos Marines -150 points
Aspiring Champion -15
Power Weapon -15
Plasma Pistol -15
Icon of Slaanesh -20
Meltagun -10
Heavy Bolter -10
235 points

(with Chaos Rhino -35 points
Dozer Blade -5
Extra armour -15
Havoc launcher -15
70 points

8 Khorne Berserkers -168 points
Skull Champion -15
Power weapon -15
2 Plasma pistols -30
Personal Icon -5
223 points

Fast Attack

3 Chaos Bikers -99 points
Slaanesh Icon -20
Biker Champion -15
Plasma pistol -15
Meltabombs -5
154 points

Total: 1387 points

The army is made up of several members of the Honoured Sons chapter, who defected during the battle for Arrhenius VI, a forge world in my Dark Heresy campaign setting. They were corrupted by the former Lord Commissar and planetary governor Ralph Laurel (named by DH group), who had made pacts with several Daemons of Slaanesh. He promoted Chaos-worship in the system, and bent the weak-minded Imperial Guard commanders to his will. He took control of the populace by huge fear campaigns, displaying Chaotic images across every media outlet in the system. The Honoured Sons were called in to defeat the heretical forces, but members of their 3rd Company were tempted by Chaos, and committed heresy. They now roam the Cailex sector under the command of Lord Erronus, former 3rd Company Captain Septimus Garralos, taking slaves and looting as they go. Though they are a small warband, they have good ties with the Renegade Imperial Guardsmen, and are constantly at war against the loyalist forces who came to liberate the system, and their remaining former Battle-Brothers.

Another of my resolutions was to put lots of tanks in this army, so in the future I’d like to add more Rhinos for mobility, possibly a squad of Noise Marines, and some heavy support, probably a Defiler and a Predator.


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