Chaos Sorcerer Showcase

My Chaos Sorcerer. An older metal model I bought on eBay, converted with a pair of wings from the plastic Possessed box ‘cos his backpack was wrecked.


Chaos Marines available to Advance Order!

New Chaos Space Marines are available to advance order from Games Workshop here.

But, I’d recommend you go to Total Wargamer, much better value.


There’s a new codex, which also comes in Limited Edition flavour. Retail £30.

The Maulerfiend is my preferred version of the dual Forgefiend/Maulerfiend plastic kit. The Heldrake dragon flyer is utter crap.

There are also a bunch of characters which have been Finecast, as well as some upgrade packs for Thousand Sons and Noise Marines. Havocs are now also Finecast, which has to be one of the worst moves by GW ever.

40k 6th Edition Boxset Contents


A piece of news has arisen concerning the contents of the Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Boxset. New info on the models has been uncovered, and it looks like the two armies will be Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines. From here on, I copy/paste, courtesy of BoLS.

First up, here is the current word on the minis included in the boxed sets. We are past what armies are in there (Chaos and Dark Angels), and are now delving into specific models and wargear. Here we go:

Dark Angels
Captain Balthasar(In Power Armor, not in Terminator Armour)
Librarian (In Power Armor)
Deathwing Squad (5 strong, with Storm Bolters, no Stormshields)
Tactical Sqaud (10 strong, with 1 Plasma Cannon and 1 Plasma Gun)
Ravenwing Squad (3 Bikes)

captain with power sword, combi-plasma, iron halo.
librarian with bolt pistol and force sword
combat squad sarge with plasma pistol and chainsword, 2 plasma gun, 7 bolter
death wing sarge with power sword and storm bolter, 1 assult cannon and 1 chain fist,others 3 power fist
raven wing sarge with chain sword, one bike with plasma, one with pisotl, all twin link bolter
they all have frag and krak grenades

Lord (In Power Armor)
Chaos Dreadnought (With Twin Linked Melta and DCCW)
Chosen (6 strong, with Power Maul, Power Fist and Lightning Claw)
Cultists (20 strong, half with close combat weapon and pistol, the other half with assault rifle)

Lord with power sword and plasma pistol
dreadnought ( the name in Chinese is something like hell beast, but I assume it’s dread from rumors) with multi-melta and power fist( dreadnought CCW?)

chosen champion with power maul , 1 lightning claw, 1 power fist, 1 power axe, 2 close combat weapon

cultist leader with 2 ccw, 1 flamer, 8 with ccw and auto pistol

cultist 2 leader with shotgun and ccw, 1 heavy stubber, 8 autogun

So, it looks like Cultists are in, and I have read that they have the stats of Imperial Guardsman, but with a 6+ Armour Save.

The Chaos army looks like it’ll have trouble dealing with the Deathwing Terminators, seeing as there are only 2 weapons with a high enough AP to ignore their armour save. Well, we’ll see how the two forces match up when the box is released, likely in September this year.

40k Fiction

I’ve always had a funny relationship with the novels based on the Warhammer 40k universe. I thought they would be a waste of money that could go towards new miniatures, paint, etc.

I borrowed “Horus Rising” by Dan Abnett from a friend (who was in turn borrowing it from a friend), but I didn’t enjoy it. Well, what little I read of it. I got about 70 pages in before deciding I didn’t really get this “Warhammer 30k” business, and stopped there. I wanted desperately to be able to enjoy the book, but I couldn’t. It would appear that being in GCSEs has extinguished my passion for reading, due to crappy set-texts in English class, and a lack of free time to sit down with a cup of tea and a book.

And now I’ve found something. I downloaded a sample of “For The Emperor!”, a Ciaphas Cain novel by Sandy Mitchell. And now I’m going to buy “Hero of the Imperium”, a compilation of the first 3 Ciaphas Cain books. And start a loyalist Imperial Guard army. And now I can read again. I love the Cain books like docbungle loves Devlan Mud. Thank you, Sandy Mitchell.

The spoils of war(gaming conventions)

Vapnartak was today, and it was excellent! I got some great bargains, seen below.

That’s a Razorback, a Chaos Vindicator, an 80’s Rhino (score!), a current Rhino, 37 Necron Warriors, a Necron Lord, the previous Necron codex, the previous Imperial Guard codex (should be a good read), a Necromunda Bounty Hunter, and a Necromunda Jakara Spyrer. All for less than a Baneblade.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a game of SAGA, or buy the book, because I got so distracted by the cheap tanks.

I’ve broken the Warmonger’s Pledge quite spectacularly, but I think I needed it. New shinies have rejuvenated my hobbyist spirit, and I want to go paint RIGHT NOW, so see you.







Spotlight: Possessed Chaos Space Marines

I finished my 5 Possessed Marines!







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