Eldar Guardians + Wave Serpent Showcase

Finally finished my Guardian squad 😀 They were good fun to paint, with lots of highlights etc. I especially enjoyed doing the spirit stones.


The first four, plus scatter laser platform and 2 crew. This lot won a painting competition at Games Workshop York this weekend (30th September ’12)


The other 4, finished while the rest were sitting in the window of GW.

The Wave Serpent. I picked this up accidentally when my brother bought some ‘Nids off a friend of his. When we opened the box, as well as a horde of ‘Gaunts, there was a Wave Serpent and a Falcon grav-tank. Both had only been primed black, so I took the opportunity to paint one!

I probably won’t be painting more Eldar for some time, which is a shame, really, but Dark Vengeance is on it’s way!

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