Thousand Sons/ Noise Marines upgrades

Along with all the shiny new stuff, GW are releasing resin “Upgrade Packs” for Thousand Sons and Noise Marines. The idea is you get a box of plastic CSMs, then add in the new kits to upgrade them to the now-Elite slot specialist Marines.

First, the Thousand Sons upgrade pack.

It includes enough bitz to convert 8 “normal” Chaos Marines into Thousand Sons, but you could probably manage more with imaginative distribution of parts. The kit also includes a Finecast Aspiring Sorceror, and for £13 RRP, it’s not bad. You get a “hero” miniature plus a bunch of conversion parts.

Next up, Noise Marines. There are 2 kits for them, each costing £9.

The first includes a Sonic Blaster, a backpack (probably a Doom Siren as well), a couple of heads, a Champion’s power sword, a Blastmaster and a torso.

The second is a pack of 5 Sonic Blasters and a Blastmaster. This one might be worth picking up, because according to those who’ve seen the new Chaos Marine codex, the Blastmaster has become one of the best squad-based weapons in the game. I’ll probably be putting some Noise Marines in my new list, along with about 60 Cultists.

These kits are available for order/preorder here.

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