40k Modular Trenches

Spotted by @PVasiljevic on Twitter

Here’s a picture of the Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Defence Network, the modular trenches first seen in the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines. It’s rumoured to have a price tag of €140, or approximately £112. It’s a huge terrain piece, and looks a bit like the trenches in the video game Space Marine.



40k 6th Edition leaks


Today details of the rules for the rumoured Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition were leaked by a Games Workshop staff member. They can be found here. http://theshellcase.wordpress.com/2012/01/11/6th-edition-40k-secrets-reveale/

I’m wary of these, and really don’t know how seriously to take them. A huge pinch of salt is required, as with any unconfirmed details.

The rules themselves seem to be a radical change from 5th Edition, and as a gamer who started 40k with those rules (yes, total noob) I’ve never been through a rule change other than Dungeons & Dragons 3.5E to 4E. The prospect is daunting. The rules themselves sound unbelievable, and I have my fingers AND toes crossed tightly that these are just rumours. So much looks to have changed, the biggest, most surprising alteration being the change of the turn sequence to Movement, Assault, then Shooting and ‘Consolidation’.

The ‘To Hit’ system has also been tampered with, giving agile units a higher Evasion characteristic, and subsequently less of a chance of them getting hit by shooting attacks. No more all Terminator in Land Raider armies!

Any unit can now run at twice their movement value instead of shooting. Jump infantry, that means can move 24 ” a turn! (Unless the movement values have changed too)

The defender no longer decides which of his models take wounds. Which sucks.

Tau are even more jumped-up now, with their already powerful Railguns getting a serious upgrade.

There’s some good-sounding stuff hidden amongst all the scarynew things, but I’ll allow you to make up your own minds which changes you like, as well as how much you actually want to believe of it!

There are also rumours of there being corrections to the current Codices in the main 6th Ed rulebook. Space Marines apparently finally become some use, but it’s mostly their Psykers getting tweaked.

I’ve heard nothing of fluff changes, but that’s probably because the current 40k mythos is fairly well established.

I want to believe that none of this is true, which is most likely the case. Games Workshop has confirmed nothing, though the ‘Standard Bearer’ in this months White Dwarf was mostly Jervis Johnson basically saying “Rules often need changing when we notice there’s something wrong with them.”

Anyway, I’m going out to buy some more salt, and some miso soup mix, just mix ’em together, and chug the whole thing. But if these rules are the real deal, I’m going to go play Necromunda and Dark Heresy and this -> http://1d4chan.org/wiki/BrightHammer40k_(1st_edition) with Rogue Trader rules.

Peace out y’all, and remember; In the noble brightness of the far future the Emperor of Mankind has an awesome goatee.


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