New 40k Flyers

Games Workshop have just announced the lovely new 40k flyers. Rumours and pictures have been floating around the Internet wargaming community for a couple of weeks now, and now the Space Marine Stormtalon Gunship, the Ork Bommer and the Necron Doom/Night Scythe are available for advance order, at the uncharacteristically reasonable price of £27.50.


The Stormtalon is nice, if a bit boxy, but hey, it’s the same with all Marine vehicles. The rules look sweet, with the Supersonic, Deep-Striking, Assault Cannon-armed skimmer coming in at 130 points, with a variety of weapon upgrade options.

The Bommer is spot-on Orky goodness. Ramshackle and clunky, but deadly nonetheless, with plenty of dakka! The plastic kit can be assembled as one of 3 different flyers, the Dakkajet, an anti-infantry fighter with 6 twin-linked S6 shots/turn. Second, the Burna-Bommer, a flyer armed with Burna-bombs, which we have already seen in the Apocalypse book. Lastly, the Blitza-Bommer, a bomber with a possibly suicidal bombing manuever.
The Necron flyer, I’m not so keen on. It can be built as a Doom Scythe or a Night Scythe, but the only difference is that one has a bigger cannon strapped to the bottom. The pilot looks out of place, just sitting on top of a supersonic fighter, without even a seatbelt! 😛

The rules for all 3 (or is that 6) flyers can be found in June’s White Dwarf, number 390, and they can be advance-ordered here for release on the 2nd of June.


Battle Report: Space Marines VS 4th Edition Necrons

In order to test the Necrons that I bought at Vapnartak a few weeks ago, I suggested we pit 500 points of them against 500 points of my Sons of Orar. I only have the 4th edition Necron codex which came with the army, so we were forced to use that.

Space Marines

Captain Anchises 100
Plasma Pistol 15
Power Sword 15

Dreadnought 105

10 tactical marines 170
Plasma cannon 10
Flamer –

5 scouts 75
Sniper Rifle –
Heavy Bolter 10

500 points


Necron Lord 100
Resurrection Orb 40

10 Necron Warriors

10 Necron Warriors

500 points

I won the roll-off, got Luca to deploy first, and took the first turn.

Turn 1
I kept my army completely still, and unloaded my heavy weapons into the Necron battle line. I rolled 3 6’s to hit on my first shot with the Scouts’ Heavy Bolter, and this would set the theme of the battle. I took down 8 of the Necrons, but half of them got back up at the start of their turn, thanks to their “We’ll Be Back” special rule. Luca spent his turn trying to get his warriors into range (24″ for his Gauss Flayers).

Turn 2
More successful shooting from me, with my Dreadnought wrecking a metal skeleton with its Multi-Melta, which shouldn’t have been able to get back up if it weren’t for the Tomb King’s– *ahem* Necron Lord’s Resurrection Orb. Only 3 more casualties from my other heavy weapons, thanks to a catastrophic scatter from my Hellfire Shell, which missed completely by nearly 10″. The Necrons were even less successful with their shooting. Over 20 Gauss shots harmlessly pattered off the hull of the Dreadnought, with not one 6 rolled by Luca for a glancing hit.


Turn 3
Moar excellent shooting rolls from me, and now my bolters were in range I was able to deal out 2 extra wounds to the Space Tomb Kings. My Dread charged a squad of Necron Warriors with the Lord attached, and failed to wound any of them. Fortunately, as they lacked Disruption Fields or a Warscythe, they couldn’t touch my Dread either. Luca shortly surrendered after only one of his Warriors stood back up, and killed just one of my Scouts in his shooting phase. By the end, I had killed 198 points of Necrons, and had lost 13 points worth, a single Scout.

VICTORY:Space Marines

For the Emperor!

Great fun, that! Luca’s verdict: Necrons in 4th Ed are far more effective in large numbers, and utterly terrifying when the Monoliths arrive.
My verdict: I managed to build an effective army list! I’ve never done that before! My friend has expressed an interest in buying the Necrons from me, so it looks like I’ll be playing a lot more 40k in the near future!

The spoils of war(gaming conventions)

Vapnartak was today, and it was excellent! I got some great bargains, seen below.

That’s a Razorback, a Chaos Vindicator, an 80’s Rhino (score!), a current Rhino, 37 Necron Warriors, a Necron Lord, the previous Necron codex, the previous Imperial Guard codex (should be a good read), a Necromunda Bounty Hunter, and a Necromunda Jakara Spyrer. All for less than a Baneblade.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a game of SAGA, or buy the book, because I got so distracted by the cheap tanks.

I’ve broken the Warmonger’s Pledge quite spectacularly, but I think I needed it. New shinies have rejuvenated my hobbyist spirit, and I want to go paint RIGHT NOW, so see you.







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