Chaos Sorcerer Showcase

My Chaos Sorcerer. An older metal model I bought on eBay, converted with a pair of wings from the plastic Possessed box ‘cos his backpack was wrecked.



Eldar Guardians + Wave Serpent Showcase

Finally finished my Guardian squad 😀 They were good fun to paint, with lots of highlights etc. I especially enjoyed doing the spirit stones.


The first four, plus scatter laser platform and 2 crew. This lot won a painting competition at Games Workshop York this weekend (30th September ’12)


The other 4, finished while the rest were sitting in the window of GW.

The Wave Serpent. I picked this up accidentally when my brother bought some ‘Nids off a friend of his. When we opened the box, as well as a horde of ‘Gaunts, there was a Wave Serpent and a Falcon grav-tank. Both had only been primed black, so I took the opportunity to paint one!

I probably won’t be painting more Eldar for some time, which is a shame, really, but Dark Vengeance is on it’s way!



Two gangs fight it out in the Underhive.

Necromunda seems quite niche when compared with the more popular Games Workshop games, like 40k, but the idea of it is something that really appeals to me. Small-scale skirmishes between rival gangs in the depths of a towering Hive City, with RPG-like elements. The rulebook’s a free pdf download from the GW site, so it was easy for me to get a feel for the gameplay and fluff.

Only problem is, I hate scrolling through pdfs longer than than about 10 pages, and the Necromunda book is 120 pages long. Thus, the natural thing to do would be buy a ring binder, and ‘take advantage’ of the very fast, double-sided printer in the library. So I did just that, and I’m now the proud owner of a Necromunda rulebook, without having had to shell out £30 for the hardcover one.

So, I read the book, and despite a few spelling/formatting errors (Close-Combat Wepaons etc.) the fluff and background is pretty good, and the rules are decent. I really like the experience points system, something which Warhammer 40k lacks (unless you write your own campaign with rules for Exp). I also like the smaller scale of combat, and increased risk of death or injury for your Gangers, thanks to the scarcity of decent armour in the Underhive. This makes staying in cover or hiding very important for your models, something a Space Marine player like myself is unused to. Cowering behind a low wall to avoid a shower of bullets is a little pointless when you’re wearing Power Armour.

Moving on, the weapons are cool, and the fact you have to recruit and equip your gang with only a limited amount of ‘creds’ adds to the strategy even before you start playing. In Warhammer, you can decide to use a 500 point army, or 2000 point army or whatever, but in Necromunda, you have 1000 credits to spend on gang members anf their equipment. There are 4 different types of gang memeber you can recruit:

Gang Leader Cost to recruit – 120 creds

Your gang must have one Leader. No more, no less. They are experienced fighters, and the brains of the gang. They have access to more specialised weaponry than average gangers, like Chainswords and Plasma Pistols. Leaders are supposed to be the ‘player character’, if you like.

Heavy Cost to recruit – 60 creds

Your gang can have up to 2 Heavies. They are tough fighters, and have access to more powerful weapons, like the Heavy Stubber or the Heavy Bolter. They can also take Special weapons, including the Flamer and Plasma Gun.

Ganger Cost to recruit – 50 creds

These fighters should take up the bulk of your gang. You can hire as many as you can afford, and they, unfortunately, can only be equipped with more mundane Basic weapons, like the Lasgun or Shotgun. They’re still useful though, and fight more effectively in groups.

Juve Cost to recruit – 25 creds

Juves are weak and inexperienced fighters, with pathetic Weapon and Ballistic Skill, but they have the potential to improve and become Gangers when they gain enough experience. You may only have up to half the total number of your gang in Juves, and can only equip them with Pistols and Close Combat weapons.

There are plenty of decisions to be made here, like whether you should give your Gangers the bare minimum of equipment to save money, either to keep for later or to pay for more members right off the bat. Should you hire the weaker and unreliable Juves? They could grow into experienced Gangers over time, but they could die or be incapacitated easily, meaning you’ve wasted credits which could be more helpful elsewhere. Whatever you choose, you’ll probably end up having to stick with it, unless someone dies, or you hire a Bounty Hunter (which are awesome).

I have a gang planned out, and I’ve started building/ painting some models. They’re using starting equipment available to Delaques, so I kinda guess they’ll be Delaques. Most of ’em are bald anyway…

Like a Boss.

Gang Leader Taylor

Leader– Boss Taylor (pic.) 120 creds

Chainsword – 25 creds

Bolt Pistol – 20 creds

Lasgun – 25 creds

190 creds

Ganger – Smithy (complete) 50 creds

2 Knives – 5 creds

Lasgun – 25 creds

Frag Grenades – 30 creds

110 creds

Heavy – Petro (complete) 60 creds

2 Knives – 5 creds

Plasma Gun – 70 creds

135 creds

Ganger – Sarkey (complete) 50 creds

Knife – free

Stub Gun – 10 creds

Shotgun – 20 creds

90 creds

Ganger – Melch (complete) 50 creds

2 Knives – 5 creds

Autogun – 20 creds

75 creds

Heavy – Kravitz (received from @NationOfLee) 60 creds

2 Knives – 5 creds

Plasma Gun – 70 creds

135 creds

Ganger – Rico (received from @NationOfLee) 50 creds

2 Knives – 5 creds

Shotgun – 20 creds

75 creds

Juve – Jackson (unbuilt) 25 creds

Knife – free

Laspistol – 15 creds

40 creds

Juve – Lewis (unbuilt) 25 creds

Knife – free

Autopistol – 15 creds

40 creds

That comes to 890 creds in total. Not bad, for 9 gang members, and I’ve still got a decent amount to spend on equipment later on when I start playing a campaign with my friend, who is being press-ganged into playing Necromunda thanks to Hobby Points gained due to him acting like an arse last week.

So there you have it, Necromunda, and why I’m starting playing it. I’m also considering buliding a “Cities of Death” style modular gameboard, for both Necromunda, and small-scale games of Warhammer 40k, which should be fun. Can anyone tell me the best place to buy Plasticard?

The Red Army


After my initial inheritance of a million blue Tactical Marines, I decided I needed a more coherent army, so after looking through the List of Space Marine Chapters on the Lexicanum website, I decided on the Sons Of Orar, a Codex chapter from the Second Founding of the Ultramarines. The Sons Of Orar hold Orar, a pre-Heresy Ultramarines Captain as their spiritual patriarch. Seeing as my Generic Blues could kind of be Ultras, I thought it could be quite a good idea.

Land Raider

The first unit of the army was strangely, the Land Raider, which I got free from the same guy who sold my brother some Tyranids at the weekend (Tyranids that I no doubt will end up painting for him, but that’s another story).

It had already been painted once, then resprayed, then half-painted again, so it was a horrible surface to work on. There were dried blobs and pools in the vents and crevices, and it’s still far from good. The paint job’s patchy and faded due to the hundreds of previous coats and the unusual wateryness of my Blood Red. Still, it’s the only tank I’ve got in this army, and makes up a quarter of the points.

The second unit was a 5-man Tactical Squad, which I now field as Sternguard Veterans. 2 were from the Assault on Black Reach set, 2 were built from the leftovers of an SM battleforce, and the Sergeant is from the 2004-ish 40k paint set. The colour still isn’t perfect, and very patchy due to watery Blood Red again, and a botched Devlan Mud wash. Still, at that point I was desperate to finish the army.

Captain Epathus of Ultramarines 6th Company

Next came Captain Epathus, an Ultramarines Captain assigned to the force. The build was inspired by @NationOfLee, who did a bitzbuild Captain just as I had started the army. The combi-plasma is based on a design I found on the Internet, and the Relic Blade/ Power Glaive is taken from the Tomb Kings Tomb Guard box. The jump pack is a pair of Storm Bolters from AOBR Terminators greenstuffed together with a small Ultramarines tank panel for coherency.

Then came the 10-man Tactical squad, which has to be the fastest I have ever completed a unit. The Marines are of various origins, AOBR, bitz box and unpainted ones from the depths of my figure case, and the unit took only a week, plus a little extra for detailing etc. So that’s approximately 40 minutes work each evening, and a Sunday afternoon. Pretty impressive, considering Captain Epathus took about 2 months on and off to complete.

Next, the Dreadnought, also from the Assault on Black Reach. For this, I attempted a simple conversion. I extended the barrels on the default Multi-Melta to make a Twin-Linked Autocannon, but it could also still be passed off as a Melta.

The 5 Scouts, I got from my friend.They have no Chapter markings, and are painted in a camouflage scheme. They’re pretty cool.

Sons of Orar Captain Anchises

Finally, the most recent addition, the Sons of Orar Captain, which I finished for the most recent Miniature Monday. (5th December 2011) Quite pleased with the red I got on all the models (apart from Sternguards and LR). It’s a technique found in White Dwarf 382, the Dreadfleet issue, where it was being used to paint the hull of the Heldenhammer. It’s a basecoat of Mechrite Red, which is then layered with a 1:1 mix of Mechrite Red and Blood Red, followed by a surface coat of Baal Red wash. It gives a really solid, bright red, which I had struggled to get before.

Here’s the army list, I guess:


Captain Anchises- 100pts

Power Sword- 15pts

Plasma Pistol- 15pts

Artificer Armour- 15pts

145 pts

Captain Epathus of The Ultramarines 6th Tactical Reserve Company- 100pts

Relic Blade- 30pts

Combi-Plasma -10pts

Jump Pack- 25pts

Artificer Armour- 15pts

Hellfire Rounds- 10pts

190 pts


10 Tactical Marines, Squad “Tethis“- 170pts

Flamer- free

Plasma Gun- 10pts

180 pts

5 Scouts, Squad “Lupus“- 75pts

Sniper Rifle- free

Heavy Bolter (w. Hellfire Shells)- 10pts

85 pts


5 Sternguard Veterans “Sword of Anchises“- 125pts

125 pts

Dreadnought “Ucalegon“- 105pts

Twin-Linked Autocannon- 10pts

115 pts

Heavy Support

Land Raider “Hammer of Anchises” -250pts]

Storm Bolter- 10pts

260 pts

Total: 1100 points

So, there you go. My Sons of Orar army, feat. Captain Epathus. Shame you’ll never get to fight it. Thanks for reading.

Starting out

Blue Marines!

The Generic Blue Space Marines I got from a friend. He was a brilliant painter, and the scouts are amazing and camo-y. More on them later.

Well, hello gentlemen. Many of you reading this probably got here from Twitter, where I am @yorkwargamer, hence the unimaginative blog title (new one on the way, when creative block fades).

I may come across as someone who knows what he’s doing when it comes to the wargaming hobby (Or not. Discuss.), but I am, in fact, relatively new to it.

My interest in Warhammer began when I was 8 years old, I believe, when I happened upon a guy who went to my school, but was older than me, painting a cool-looking game board in his front garden. He told me it was for ‘Warhammer 40,000″, a strategy game that he played.

I then saw what would inspire me to start the hobby. A beautifully painted Tau army, displayed on a low table. The tanks were perfection in my 8 year old eyes. I persuaded my parents to take me to Games Workshop, in York. Being 8 years old, I naturally had absolutely no bloody idea what I was doing, and proceeded to buy the Warhammer 40k paint set and 24 Lizardmen Skinks. And also, as an 8 year old, I lacked dexterity, and did a horrible job painting them. The 5 Space Marines in the paint set were AWFUL. They’ve been repainted now as part of my Sons Of Orar force. The Lizardmen, however, I’ve still got them, and they inspire me to always do better when I’m painting. After this, I decided I was too young for this s**t, and my interest in the hobby subsided.

Spring 2011. I rediscovered the 5 Space Marines in a cardboard box during a pre-house move clearout. I then saw a box of Marines while at a friends house. We played a few games of 40k and I was hooked. He later sold me the Marines at a decent price, and included an army case and the 5th ed rulebook & SM codex.

It was awesome. I was so much better at painting than I was 8 years ago! Everything made so much more sense! Slowly but surely, I gained skill. I diverged slightly a few months ago when I bought some Tomb Kings, but then realised I couldn’t afford the Fantasy Battle rulebook, but otherwise, I built up my painting ability until I managed to win, and then place 3rd in two consecutive painting competitions at Games Workshop York. (My greatest hobby achievement, defeating Jamie Young, master of the York youngbloods)

Painting is the most important part of the hobby for me, because I don’t get a lot of time to play due to GCSE’s, but when


The full extent of my armour. Sons Of Orar Land Raider and a Blue Rhino

I get then chance, its a school-holiday Apocalypse battle at GW. I always feel slightly disadvantaged in these battles, as my Space Marines are almost entirely footsloggers. My army has TWO tanks. TWO freakin’ tanks. A Rhino and a Land Raider. It’s not enough, dammit, but it actually works. The army in its 2000-point incarnation has a surprising armour-kill record, despite its lack of Devastator Squads. In just one such Apocalypse game, 1 Valkyrie, a Land Raider, a Chimaera (+ accompanying IG veterans, thank you captain w. Thunder hammer) a Rhino and a classic Vindicator fell to the feeble firepower of the Generic Blue Space Marines.

Now, I have more direction, with a coherent Sons of Orar army, standing at just over 1000 points, and I’m starting a Chaos Marine army in the New Year, which will have PLENTY of tanks :)(and a defiler, love those things!)

Oh, and I run a 40k roleplaying group too, which will have only its 2nd ever session next Friday.

If you read all the way down to here, congratulations. You have patience, and an apparent interest in the hobby background of a teenager from York. Have a drink, you deserve it. My next post should be more interesting, but other than that, thanks for reading!

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