Thousand Sons/ Noise Marines upgrades

Along with all the shiny new stuff, GW are releasing resin “Upgrade Packs” for Thousand Sons and Noise Marines. The idea is you get a box of plastic CSMs, then add in the new kits to upgrade them to the now-Elite slot specialist Marines.

First, the Thousand Sons upgrade pack.

It includes enough bitz to convert 8 “normal” Chaos Marines into Thousand Sons, but you could probably manage more with imaginative distribution of parts. The kit also includes a Finecast Aspiring Sorceror, and for £13 RRP, it’s not bad. You get a “hero” miniature plus a bunch of conversion parts.

Next up, Noise Marines. There are 2 kits for them, each costing £9.

The first includes a Sonic Blaster, a backpack (probably a Doom Siren as well), a couple of heads, a Champion’s power sword, a Blastmaster and a torso.

The second is a pack of 5 Sonic Blasters and a Blastmaster. This one might be worth picking up, because according to those who’ve seen the new Chaos Marine codex, the Blastmaster has become one of the best squad-based weapons in the game. I’ll probably be putting some Noise Marines in my new list, along with about 60 Cultists.

These kits are available for order/preorder here.


Forge World Angron

Aaaand the first of the Primarchs announced by Forgeworld for the upcoming Horus Heresy book is Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters Legion.









I personally love this miniature because it’s so dynamic, and displays the berserker nature of Angron, who is smashing his own men aside to get to his foes. Included is a scenic base with an indent in it, in which can be placed Angron on his 40mm base. Also, uncommon for a Forgeworld product, Angron has his own bawks.
This awesome miniature of the Primarch will be available to buy at Games Day UK this Sunday (September 23rd) for the unfortunately hefty price of £50.00.

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