40k Modular Trenches

Spotted by @PVasiljevic on Twitter

Here’s a picture of the Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Defence Network, the modular trenches first seen in the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines. It’s rumoured to have a price tag of €140, or approximately £112. It’s a huge terrain piece, and looks a bit like the trenches in the video game Space Marine.



6th Edition is here!

The long-awaited 6th Edition of Warhammer 40,000 is available to advance order here -> http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/armySubUnitCats.jsp?catId=cat440160a&rootCatGameStyle=

Products available are the Collector’s Edition, limited to 4000 copies, the Gamer’s Edition, bundled with a nifty satchel and some dice (also limited), the Standard Rulebook, now £45 as many expected, the Psychic Power cards and the Munitorum templates. Strangely missing from the Advance Orders page are the Munitorum dice sets. If you want some though, you can order them from Aurora Gaming (http://www.auroragaming.co.uk/#/online-store/4557040002). 


I, being the idiot fanboy that I am, ordered the Collector’s Edition not 10 minutes ago at time of writing. My wallet is yet to forgive me.


Too awesome not to own, don’t you think?

What will you order?

40k Fiction

I’ve always had a funny relationship with the novels based on the Warhammer 40k universe. I thought they would be a waste of money that could go towards new miniatures, paint, etc.

I borrowed “Horus Rising” by Dan Abnett from a friend (who was in turn borrowing it from a friend), but I didn’t enjoy it. Well, what little I read of it. I got about 70 pages in before deciding I didn’t really get this “Warhammer 30k” business, and stopped there. I wanted desperately to be able to enjoy the book, but I couldn’t. It would appear that being in GCSEs has extinguished my passion for reading, due to crappy set-texts in English class, and a lack of free time to sit down with a cup of tea and a book.

And now I’ve found something. I downloaded a sample of “For The Emperor!”, a Ciaphas Cain novel by Sandy Mitchell. And now I’m going to buy “Hero of the Imperium”, a compilation of the first 3 Ciaphas Cain books. And start a loyalist Imperial Guard army. And now I can read again. I love the Cain books like docbungle loves Devlan Mud. Thank you, Sandy Mitchell.

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