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I’ve been a bit lazy getting this post sorted out, but its been partly due to being really busy in real life recently.

Now, a few weeks ago, a whole bunch of #warmongers, myself included decided it would be an awesome idea to build and paint armies consisting exclusively of Forge World models (unless they don’t make something, see the rules here).

My army of choice will be pre-heresy Imperial Fists. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the Horus Heresy book for the Legion army list, so I’ll be using Codex:SMs for the rules. Not buying the book leaves more money for models after all!

Here’s the approximate list;


1 Captain
Thunder Hammer
Jump Pack


10-man Legion Tactical Squad
Power Sword
Heavy Bolter

10-man Legion Tactical Squad
Power Fist

MKI Deimos Rhino
Extra Armour


5 Tartaros Terminators
Heavy Flamer

1 Contemptor Dreadnought
Kheres Assault Cannon
Extra Armour

1 Land Raider Proteus
Armoured Ceramite
Extra Armour


10-man Legion Assault Squad
Plasma Pistol


10-man Legion Devastator Squad
2 Missile Launchers
Plasma Cannon

Total: 1750 points

I’ve not made a lot of progress really, due to life getting in the way of hobby time 😦 Just assembled half a squad of Tactical Marines. But, I do have something quite special on the way soon! Stay tuned.

Also my 50th blog post, might do a giveaway 😉


Chaos Sorcerer Showcase

My Chaos Sorcerer. An older metal model I bought on eBay, converted with a pair of wings from the plastic Possessed box ‘cos his backpack was wrecked.


Eldar Guardians + Wave Serpent Showcase

Finally finished my Guardian squad 😀 They were good fun to paint, with lots of highlights etc. I especially enjoyed doing the spirit stones.


The first four, plus scatter laser platform and 2 crew. This lot won a painting competition at Games Workshop York this weekend (30th September ’12)


The other 4, finished while the rest were sitting in the window of GW.

The Wave Serpent. I picked this up accidentally when my brother bought some ‘Nids off a friend of his. When we opened the box, as well as a horde of ‘Gaunts, there was a Wave Serpent and a Falcon grav-tank. Both had only been primed black, so I took the opportunity to paint one!

I probably won’t be painting more Eldar for some time, which is a shame, really, but Dark Vengeance is on it’s way!

Forge World Angron

Aaaand the first of the Primarchs announced by Forgeworld for the upcoming Horus Heresy book is Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters Legion.









I personally love this miniature because it’s so dynamic, and displays the berserker nature of Angron, who is smashing his own men aside to get to his foes. Included is a scenic base with an indent in it, in which can be placed Angron on his 40mm base. Also, uncommon for a Forgeworld product, Angron has his own bawks.
This awesome miniature of the Primarch will be available to buy at Games Day UK this Sunday (September 23rd) for the unfortunately hefty price of £50.00.

“Dark Vengeance” miniatures

Over on WarLlama 40k theres an image summary of all the miniatures contained in the Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition box “Dark Vengeance”. The post can be found here.

For now, here’s a taster. That Hellbrute looks amazing!


I can foresee my wallet being in a whole lot of pain though…

40k 6th Edition Boxset Contents


A piece of news has arisen concerning the contents of the Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Boxset. New info on the models has been uncovered, and it looks like the two armies will be Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines. From here on, I copy/paste, courtesy of BoLS.

First up, here is the current word on the minis included in the boxed sets. We are past what armies are in there (Chaos and Dark Angels), and are now delving into specific models and wargear. Here we go:

Dark Angels
Captain Balthasar(In Power Armor, not in Terminator Armour)
Librarian (In Power Armor)
Deathwing Squad (5 strong, with Storm Bolters, no Stormshields)
Tactical Sqaud (10 strong, with 1 Plasma Cannon and 1 Plasma Gun)
Ravenwing Squad (3 Bikes)

captain with power sword, combi-plasma, iron halo.
librarian with bolt pistol and force sword
combat squad sarge with plasma pistol and chainsword, 2 plasma gun, 7 bolter
death wing sarge with power sword and storm bolter, 1 assult cannon and 1 chain fist,others 3 power fist
raven wing sarge with chain sword, one bike with plasma, one with pisotl, all twin link bolter
they all have frag and krak grenades

Lord (In Power Armor)
Chaos Dreadnought (With Twin Linked Melta and DCCW)
Chosen (6 strong, with Power Maul, Power Fist and Lightning Claw)
Cultists (20 strong, half with close combat weapon and pistol, the other half with assault rifle)

Lord with power sword and plasma pistol
dreadnought ( the name in Chinese is something like hell beast, but I assume it’s dread from rumors) with multi-melta and power fist( dreadnought CCW?)

chosen champion with power maul , 1 lightning claw, 1 power fist, 1 power axe, 2 close combat weapon

cultist leader with 2 ccw, 1 flamer, 8 with ccw and auto pistol

cultist 2 leader with shotgun and ccw, 1 heavy stubber, 8 autogun

So, it looks like Cultists are in, and I have read that they have the stats of Imperial Guardsman, but with a 6+ Armour Save.

The Chaos army looks like it’ll have trouble dealing with the Deathwing Terminators, seeing as there are only 2 weapons with a high enough AP to ignore their armour save. Well, we’ll see how the two forces match up when the box is released, likely in September this year.

Horus Heresy Rumours

There’s a rumour that GW will be making a Horus Heresy game. More here on BOLS.



Scratchbuilding a Titan

I have begun to build a Warhound Titan, using cereal box card, PVC pipe, various household items, 40k bitz, and the templates found on The Titan will be of the Legio Crucius, aptly named in Low Gothic “The Warmongers”.

Here’s a visual log of my progress.








Using bits of plastic coat-hanger and drinking straws for supports/pistons.

It was at this point I got a glue gun, which makes assembly a heck of a lot easier.




Chaos Marine appears frequently for size comparison purposes.

Lower hull section



And that’s everything as of now! The project is kind of being put on hold as I have exams coming up, and studying will be a more productive use of my time, no matter how much fun building a Titan is!

New Forge World 40k stuff

Forge World have just put up these awesome 40k things on their site. The Deimos-Pattern Predator Executioner.

I’m not a fan of the Deimos-Pattern hull, but the rules are sweet! (found here -> ) A Predator with a Plasma Destroyer or a Heavy Conversion beamer. With the HCB the Predator would be an excellent long-range tank. My favourite part or the model are the cool sponsons, drum-fed Heavy Bolters similar to the Contemptor Dreadnought ones. Unfortunately, the kit is quite expensive at £46.

The second new product is a pack of 2 Space Marine Apothecaries, one in MKII armour and one in MKIV.
They are quite characterful models, and have excellent details. I especially like the torso of the MKIV Marine. The kit costs £20.

Both kits are available for pre-order for despatch on the 27th of April.

Battle Report: Space Marines VS 4th Edition Necrons

In order to test the Necrons that I bought at Vapnartak a few weeks ago, I suggested we pit 500 points of them against 500 points of my Sons of Orar. I only have the 4th edition Necron codex which came with the army, so we were forced to use that.

Space Marines

Captain Anchises 100
Plasma Pistol 15
Power Sword 15

Dreadnought 105

10 tactical marines 170
Plasma cannon 10
Flamer –

5 scouts 75
Sniper Rifle –
Heavy Bolter 10

500 points


Necron Lord 100
Resurrection Orb 40

10 Necron Warriors

10 Necron Warriors

500 points

I won the roll-off, got Luca to deploy first, and took the first turn.

Turn 1
I kept my army completely still, and unloaded my heavy weapons into the Necron battle line. I rolled 3 6’s to hit on my first shot with the Scouts’ Heavy Bolter, and this would set the theme of the battle. I took down 8 of the Necrons, but half of them got back up at the start of their turn, thanks to their “We’ll Be Back” special rule. Luca spent his turn trying to get his warriors into range (24″ for his Gauss Flayers).

Turn 2
More successful shooting from me, with my Dreadnought wrecking a metal skeleton with its Multi-Melta, which shouldn’t have been able to get back up if it weren’t for the Tomb King’s– *ahem* Necron Lord’s Resurrection Orb. Only 3 more casualties from my other heavy weapons, thanks to a catastrophic scatter from my Hellfire Shell, which missed completely by nearly 10″. The Necrons were even less successful with their shooting. Over 20 Gauss shots harmlessly pattered off the hull of the Dreadnought, with not one 6 rolled by Luca for a glancing hit.


Turn 3
Moar excellent shooting rolls from me, and now my bolters were in range I was able to deal out 2 extra wounds to the Space Tomb Kings. My Dread charged a squad of Necron Warriors with the Lord attached, and failed to wound any of them. Fortunately, as they lacked Disruption Fields or a Warscythe, they couldn’t touch my Dread either. Luca shortly surrendered after only one of his Warriors stood back up, and killed just one of my Scouts in his shooting phase. By the end, I had killed 198 points of Necrons, and had lost 13 points worth, a single Scout.

VICTORY:Space Marines

For the Emperor!

Great fun, that! Luca’s verdict: Necrons in 4th Ed are far more effective in large numbers, and utterly terrifying when the Monoliths arrive.
My verdict: I managed to build an effective army list! I’ve never done that before! My friend has expressed an interest in buying the Necrons from me, so it looks like I’ll be playing a lot more 40k in the near future!

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