Eldar Guardians + Wave Serpent Showcase

Finally finished my Guardian squad 😀 They were good fun to paint, with lots of highlights etc. I especially enjoyed doing the spirit stones.


The first four, plus scatter laser platform and 2 crew. This lot won a painting competition at Games Workshop York this weekend (30th September ’12)


The other 4, finished while the rest were sitting in the window of GW.

The Wave Serpent. I picked this up accidentally when my brother bought some ‘Nids off a friend of his. When we opened the box, as well as a horde of ‘Gaunts, there was a Wave Serpent and a Falcon grav-tank. Both had only been primed black, so I took the opportunity to paint one!

I probably won’t be painting more Eldar for some time, which is a shame, really, but Dark Vengeance is on it’s way!


It’s Vapnartak on Sunday! For those of you who don’t know, Vapnartak is a decent-sized wargaming get-together in York, and I’m going for the first time this year. More info here, on the website I had no idea existed when I chose my Twitter username. Vapnartak: Yorkwargames.org

There’s going to be a 40k tournament (which I haven’t entered sadly), a few small miniature dealers, people renting tables to sell their old gaming stuff (fingers crossed for bargains. I’d like to pick up a tank or two…). The thing I’m probably most excited about though is the fact that Gripping Beast will be there, and there will be SAGA demos! Reviews of Saga can be found here Miniature Musings of a Bear: SAGA the Review and here The Shell Case: SAGA- The Review

It looks to be a great game, and I’ll try and pick up the book and maybe some minis too. I’ll also have a scout around for some suitable WW2 infantry to use as Renegade Imperial Guard conscripts/workers rabble.

If you’re up North next weekend, then come along. A good time should be had by all!

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