York Warpaint

I am now offering a commission based painting service. I’ll take any project, large or small.

Models will be painted to an above normal tabletop standard. Although more detailed paint jobs can be done at extra cost. Jobs are quoted on a case by case basis and all jobs will be set to an agreed timescale. Please view my gallery for examples of my work.


If you would like more information please contact yorkwarpaint@gmail.com


Pricing Structure:

Prices are a guide and discount is given for large commissions. Please get in touch for a detailed quote.

Infantry sized models – £2.00

Cavalry sized models £2.50-£5.00

Characters £4.50

Special Characters £4.50+

Monstrous Creatures £5.00+

Vehicles £7.50+

Large Vehicles (Super Heavies) £15+

Titans or Titan Sized models £25+

Display Pieces/Busts £35+


Chapter/Company/Squad markings £0.10 per model


All customers accept responsibility for sending models and in return I will ensure they are returned to you in as secure a fashion as possible.

All postage costs are charged in addition to the commission.


Cleaning Fee – models supplied unbuilt, or otherwise unprepared for painting (mould lines etc) will have an additional £0.50 added to the cost of painting.

Alternatively, models can be purchased for you but funds must be supplied up front and there will be a reduced £0.20 fee added to each model to build.


What I need from you:

Before I can accept a commission I need a breakdown of exactly what is to be painted – including any customisation/conversion work – as well as a detailed specification on how you want the army to look. The more information the better. Insufficient information may result in me misinterpreting your requirements.

All commissions work on a half payment at commencement and half on completion.

Thank you, and I’m looking forward to painting your stuff for you!

Not currently accepting commissions.

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  1. Thomas Wilson

     /  January 10, 2013

    I have started building a pre heresy world eaters army but my painting skills arent doing the conversions im doing justice.

    Could you help me with my first 11 models + my own kharn centurion model.

    Im not after anything massively intricate but the 11 models are close combat orientated and i would like them with a bit of gore and battle damaged.

    Theyre all black undercoated and assembled i have had a go at 2 of them myself which need the paint stripping off which either i can do or you can do.

    I look forward to your reply

    Many thanks tom

    • Hi Tom,

      Before I accept the job, could you perhaps email me some photos (to yorkwarpaint@gmail.com) of the models. I’m very interested in Pre-Heresy anything, and always enjoy seeing the conversions people come up with. If I’m sufficiently taken by the models, I’d more than willingly send you a pricing quote.

      Thanks for your interest,



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